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Dr. Ronan Grimes


Dr Ronan Grimes graduated with a B.Eng. (Hons) Mechanical Engineering from UL in 1997 and received his PhD in 2001, also from UL, for his research on air flow and heat transfer in fan cooled electronic systems. In 2003 he was awarded an IRCSET Government of Ireland Post Doctoral Research Fellowship. To date he has received funding of over ¿0.7M from the EU, Enterprise Ireland and IRCSET. His research interests are in the fields of electronics thermal management, micro fluidics and the development of rotating machinery such as micro fans and micro pumps. Under the EU-funded EMERGE programme, he collaborated with the Institut für Mikrotechnik Mainz (IMM) on micro fan fabrication and he is currently leading a Commercialisation Fund Technology Development project on the development of micro fans for electronics thermal management. He is the supervisor of three graduate students and mentors one post doctoral researcher. He is the author of 24 publications, the majority of which were peer reviewed.

Research Interests

Fluid mechanics, heat transfer, microfluidics, micro TAS, electronics cooling, microfans


Conference Publication


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Other Publication


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Peer Reviewed Journal


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