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Dr. Roberto Mazza


Dr Roberto Mazza earned his PhD from SOAS University of London in 2007, where he is currently a Research Associate. He has published two books with IB Tauris, in 2009 'Jerusalem from the Ottomans to the British' and in 2011 'Jerusalem in World War I: the Palestine Diary of a European Consul'. Dr Mazza has also published several articles on the Jerusalem Quarterly and recently has edited a special issue dedicate to diplomacy in the Holy Land. He also published an article on First World Studies 'For God and La Patrie: Antonin Jaussen, Dominican Priest and French intellegence agent in the Middle East, 1914-1920' and published two articles for the International Encyclopedia of the First World War. Dr Mazza has worked also on urban violence and a chapter in relation to the Nebi Musa Riots that occured in Jerusalem 1920 has been published in Urban Violence in the Middle East: Changing Cityscapes in the Transition from Empire to Nation State. Dr Mazza has recently published a chapter on the evacuation of the Jews of Jaffa in 1917. Currently Dr Mazza is working on a new large project on the urban planning of Jerusalem from 1917 to 1926 and another work based on recently released documents discussing the history of the Italian Consulate in Jerusalem.

Research interests: First World War in the Middle East and North Africa, late Ottoman Palestine, urban history, diplomatic and religious institutions in the Middle East

Research Interests

I am interested in the urban history of Palestine with a particular focus on Jerusalem at the beginning of the 20th Century. I am also interested at large in the First World War in the Middle East. I have worked on the Christian communities in Palestine during the First World War and I intend to carry out more work on this topic. I have been involved externally in the OPEN Jerusalem project funded by the ERC that is currently mapping all archives in Jerusalem and all archival material about the city around the world.

Teaching Interests

I taught a survey course on the history of the Middle East from the 7th century to the contemporary era. I also offered this module as an online course. I have taught several intermediate courses including a module discussing the making of the modern Middle East in the 19th and 20th century. At the same level I taught a course on the Arab-Israeli conflict. This course is offered at UL as an elective. I have taught an advanced course on the history of the First World War in the Middle East which will be offered at UL as an elective for 4th year and MA students.
I offered a variety of MA seminars, including a module on the urban history of the Middle East, one module on the history of the Ottoman Empire and one on the Arab-Israeli conflict that included a large variety of primary sources.

Professional Activities


  • 2009 Western Illinois University - Assistant Professor
  • 2004 SOAS University of London - Teaching Fellow


  • 2007 SOAS University of London - PhD
  • 2003 SOAS University of London - MA
  • 2002 University of Bologna - MSc
  • 2001 University of Bologna - BA in History and Politics


  • 2004 Member, MESA Middle East Studies Association
  • 2003 Member, BRISMES
  • Member, AHA
  • Member - former manager, First World War in the Middle East and North Africa Network
  • Member, CBRL Council for British Research in the Levant


  • English
  • Italian
  • Hebrew
  • French


  • Internationalisation, Member of the Internationalisation Committee, AHSS Faculty


  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Jerusalem Quarterly, peer reviewed journal published by the Institute of Palestine Studies.



Book Chapter


"We will treat you like the Armenians": Djemal Pasha, Zionism and the evacuation of Jaffa, April 2017
Roberto Mazza
Syria in World War I. Politcs, economy, and society.


Transforming the Holy City: From Communal Clashes to Urban Violence, the Nebi Musa Riots in 1920
Roberto Mazza
URBAN VIOLENCE IN THE MIDDLE EAST Changing Cityscapes in the Transition from Empire to Nation State


Dining Out in the Holy City: the Spanish Consul in Jerusalem 1914-1920
Roberto Mazza
Palestine and World War I: Grand Strategy, Military Tactics and Culture in War

Conference Contribution

Other Journal


Roberto Mazza
Jerusalem Quarterly


Dining Out in Times of War: Jerusalem 1914-1918
Roberto Mazza
Jerusalem Quarterly

Other Publication


Occupation during and after the War (Middle East)
Roberto Mazza
International Encyclopaedia of the First World War at Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)

Peer Reviewed Journal