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Dr. Patrick Meehan


Dr. Meehan worked for Analog Devices from 1983 to 2014. He held various roles, ranging from ADC design to Corporate Marketing Manager for Southeast Asia to Senior Product Line Manager. In that time he defined several product architectures that have now become industry norms, including the ADM1166 class of Power Supply Sequencers, which were the first of a type. He holds 6 patents from that time in ADI.
His M.Eng. (1989 ) was on the pioneering use of a coherent FFT for ADC analysis. His Ph.D. from UL ( 2016 ) was on the characterization and prevention of power-supply noise and how it affects mixed-signal loads.
Meehan's research interest today is in the area of wide bandgap power switches and the switching resonance associated with their use. He is a co-founder of PEK Semiconductor Ltd.