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Dr. Myriam Benraad


A political scientist, specialising in Middle East, Arab and Islamic studies, Myriam Benraad holds a Ph.D. from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) and is a lecturer in the University of Limerick's Department of Politics and Public Administration, where she also acts as course director for the Peace and Development programme. She is a research fellow at the Institute for Research and Studies on the Arab and Muslim World (IREMAM, 7310 AMU / CNRS, 2013-) and a member of the French Political Science Association (AFSP) and the Middle East Studies Association (MESA). In 2015, she was among the three finalists of the Prix Brienne du Livre de Géopolitique, presented by the Lire la société association in partnership with the French Ministry of Defence, and the Prix Mondes en guerre, mondes en paix of the Salon du Livre d'Histoire de Verdun for her book Iraq, the Revenge of History. From Foreign Occupation to the Islamic State (Paris, Vendémiaire). Since 2003, parallel to her academic work, she has participated in various consulting assignments in North Africa and the Middle East.

Research Interests

Her main research topics are: states, nations, identities, ethnicities and communities; history and socio-political recompositions in contemporary Iraq; authoritarianism, totalitarianism and their legacies in the Middle East; comparative sociology of social movements and protests; transitional justice, reconciliation policies and practices; modernity, secularisation, Islam and politics; emotions and violence; stigma, discrimination and labelling.