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Dr. Mohamed Noor


After completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Liverpool (UK), Mohamed Noor graduated with a PhD from the University of Limerick (Ireland) in 2012. The thesis encompasses the bioenergetics of thermophilic Thermus thermophilus in comparison to mesophiles, was performed under the tutelage of Prof. Tewfik Soulimane, and was funded by the Irish Research Council (IRC EMBARK Scholarship). Currently, he is a senior postdoctoral researcher investigating several aspects of biology, such as bioenergetics and ion transport (membrane proteins) through X-ray crystallography and time-resolved spectroscopy, the interface between biology and non-biological nanomaterials through protein biochemistry/microbiology/cell culture, as well as super-resolution label-free nanoscopy towards early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease (EU FP7 LANIR).

Research Interests

Membrane protein, structural biology, super-resolution label-free (infrared) microscopy, protein biochemistry, nanotechnology, microbiology