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Dr. Martin Mullins

Research Interests

Risk, insurance, ethics

Professional Activities


  • Spanish


Conference Publication


CSEAR Summer School
Killian, S. Mullins M

Peer Reviewed Journal


Hazard Screening Methods for Nanomaterials: A Comparative Study.
Sheehan, B.; Murphy, F.; Mullins, M.; Furxhi, I.; Costa, A.L.; Simeone, F.C.; Mantecca, P.
International Journal Of Molecular Sciences DOI: 10.3390/ijms19030649


Semi-autonomous vehicle motor insurance: A Bayesian Network risk transfer approach
Sheehan, B., Murphy, F., Ryan, C., Mullins, M. and Liu, H.Y
Transportation Research Part C-Emerging Technologies


Application of Bayesian Networks for the Human Hazard Prediction and Safety Assessment of Nanomaterials
Hans J. P. Marvin, H.J.P., Bouzembrak, Y., Janssen, W.M., van der Zande, M., Murphy, F., Sheehan, B., Mullins, M., Stone, V., Bouwmeester, H.


A Tractable Method for Measuring Nanomaterial Risk Using Bayesian Networks
Murphy, F,Sheehan, B,Mullins, M,Bouwmeester, H,Marvin, HJP,Bouzembrak, Y,Costa, AL,Das, R,Stone, V,Tofail, SAM
Nanoscale Research Letters DOI: 10.1186/s11671-016-1724-y


Accounting for Intangibles, the Knowledge Economy and the Issue of Memory: Some Insights from the Philosophy of Bergson
Mullins, M, O'REGAN, P, Kinsella, S, and Regan, K, .
Philosophy of Management


Taxing Thoughts: Ireland, Tax Competition and the Cost of Intellectual Capital
Killian, S; Mullins, M
Accountancy Business And The Public Interest