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Dr. Marina Cano


Dr Marina Cano is a teaching fellow in Women's Writing in English at the University of Limerick. She works in the area of women's literature and the Long Nineteenth Century, with a particular emphasis on Jane Austen. Her monograph, Jane Austen and Performance (Palgrave 2017), is the first exploration of the performative and theatrical force of Austen's work and its afterlife, from the nineteenth century to the present. It unearths new and little-known Austen materials: from suffragette novels and pageants to school and amateur theatricals, passing through mid-twentieth-century representations in Scotland and America. The book concludes with an examination of Austen fandom based on an online survey conducted by the author, which elicited over 300 responses from fans across the globe.

Further research interests include: the Long Nineteenth Century, Fiction, Gender and Feminist Theory, Theatre and Performance, Reception Studies, Intertextuality, Adaptation and Fan Cultures.

During 2013-16, Marina was a researcher at 'Travelling Texts 1790-1914: Transnational Reception of Women's Writing at the Fringes of Europe' (University of Glasgow, HERA). Before coming to UL, she taught English literature at Edinburgh Napier University and at the University of St Andrews, where she was also curriculum coordinator.

Research Interests

Jane Austen, the Long Nineteenth Century, Women's Writing, Gender and Feminist Theory, Theatre and Performance, Fiction, Reception Studies, Literary Afterlives, Adaptation and Fan Cultures, Magazines and Periodicals.