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Dr. John Donohue


I am a post-doctoral researcher at MACSI in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. My primary research focuses on the mathematical modelling of soil biomass and is funded by Science Foundation Ireland. Previously, I completed a PhD in Applied Mathematics at NUI Galway where I worked on the modelling of seasonally migrating populations.

Research Interests

I am interested in nonlinear dynamics, particularly those that arise in biological systems. While specific problems of interest have included predator-prey systems and nutrient cycling in agriculture, the over-arching aim is to use mathematical modelling to gain an understanding of interactions between different components of ecosystems. Particular emphasis is given to classifying qualitative behaviour as well as the identification of bifurcations or 'tipping-points' in natural systems. Stemming from my PhD project, I also have an ongoing interest in the practical application of piecewise-smooth differential equations.


Peer Reviewed Journal


Protective parenting may have population-level consequences
John G Donohue, Petri T Piiroinen
Ecological Complexity DOI: 10.1016/j.ecocom.2017.04.006


The effects of predation on seasonally migrating populations
J.~G. Donohue and P.~T. Piiroinen
Theoretical Ecology


Mathematical modelling of seasonal migration with applications to climate change
J.~G. Donohue and P.~T. Piiroinen
Ecological Modelling