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Dr. Henry Silke

Research Interests

Research interests include the role of communications systems in market crises; business and financial journalism and its role(s) in contemporary polity and society; journalistic role performance; journalism and ideology; journalism and the framing of inequality; alternative journalism and counter hegemony.


Book Chapter


The Press, Market Ideologies and the Irish Housing Crash,
Henry Silke
The Death of Public Knowledge? How Free Markets Destroy the General Intellect


O Papel Da ComunicaÇÃo e Da mÍdIa Na CrIse De superproducao: reflexIvIda de Informacaoo e IdeologIa no Caso da Bolha ImobIlIárIa Irlandesa
Henry Silke; Paschal Preston
Desvelando a farsa com o nome de crise: uma análise do capital financeiro pela economia política

Other Journal


Market ‘Realities': De-coding Neo-Liberal Ideology and Media Discourses
Preston, P.; Silke, H.
Australian Journal of Communication

Peer Reviewed Journal


Ireland from Neo-liberal Champion to the ‘Eye of the Storm'
Silke, H; Preston, P.
Javnost-The Public