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Dr. Daniel Tindall


Daniel Tindall is a Lecturer within the Physical Education and Sport Sciences (PESS) Department here at the University of Limerick. Daniel earned both a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Social Science with a minor in Physical Education and a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Physical Education at California State University - Chico. During this time, Daniel also spent seven years teaching in the Health & Physical Education Dept. and coaching the throwing events of track & field at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon before returning to university for doctoral study where he earned his PhD in Sport Pedagogy with a minor emphasis in Movement Studies in Disability at Oregon State University. Before joining the PESS Department at the University of Limerick in 2009, Daniel was an Assistant Professor of Physical Education at San Francisco State University in California for 2 years. Prior to that Daniel was an Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Adapted Physical Education at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg for 3 years. Daniel is currently the Co-Director of the Inclusive Play & Leisure Activities for Youth (i-PLAY) programme as well as Course Director for the Physical Education Programme (LM090).

Research Interests

My teaching, research, and professional service is focused on teaching and teacher education in physical education, sport and adapted physical education; Specifically, I have a deep interest in the attitudes and perceptions of pre-service PE teachers and the facilitation of inclusion with the Irish educational system. My current research projects focus on the physical activity levels of children with disabilities as well as parent perceptions of the assessment and IEP process as they relate to Physical Education in Ireland.

Professional Activities


  • 2016 Executive Board Member, Physical Education Association of Ireland (PEAI)
  • 2000 Member, Society of Health & Physical Educators of America (SHAPE America)


  • 2009 Univerity of Limerick - PESS Dept. - Lecturer
  • 2007 San Francisco State University - Dept. of Kinesiology - Assistant Professor
  • 2004 University of Central Missouri - Dept. of HHP - Assistant Professor
  • 2000 Oregon State University - College of HHS - Graduate Assistant


  • 2005 Oregon State University - Ph.D.
  • 1999 California State University - Chico - Master of Arts
  • 1994 California State University - Chico - Bachelor of Arts


  • Inclusive Play & Leisure Activities for Youth (i-PLAY) is a weekly physical activity programme designed for children, youth, and young people (ages 5-21) with special needs held within the PESS Dept. here at the University of Limerick. The main goal of this weekly programme is to engage participants in various physical activities (dance, games, HRA, etc.) throughout the academic semester. Each participant is paired with one of our pre-service Physical Education students receiving individual attention, support, and encouragement. The focus is on promoting physical activity for young people; incorporating it into their daily life (i.e., school, after school, and at home). The main goals of the programme are:

    • To provide children and young people with special needs the opportunity to play and interact socially with pee


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Other Journal


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