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Dr. Alicia Castillo


I was born in Spain, Madrid, but since 2001 I live with my family and work in Ireland. I hold a BA in Hispanic Philology, a MA in Hispanic Studies from the University College Cork and a PhD from the University of Limerick. I am currently working at the University of Limerick lecturing on a number of areas within the Hispanic Studies such as socio-political issues in the Hispanic world, Spanish and Latin American Literature contemporary Spanish cinema among other subjects.

Research Interests

My research interests cover a range of areas such as the cultural representation of gender violence, body and identity, women's narratives of resistance in Spain and Latin America, immigration, representation of motherhood and contemporary cinema. Nowadays I am working on a number of publishing projects including two articles on immigration and cinema in Spain and a book based on my doctoral thesis 'Representaciones de género y violencia en las escritoras de la postransición española'.

Teaching Interests

My teaching interests are language classe and methodology, women in Spain and Latin America (representation, identity, violence, narratives of resistance); the Spanish civil war, dictatorship and transition to democracy; or Literature of the 19th Century.