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Dr. Alexandros Tsoupras


My Journey in research exploring the beneficial effects of bioactive molecules of natural origin and especially of food related sources against several inflammation-related chronic disorders, such as Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), Cancer, Renal Disorders, Persistent Infections, Neurodegenerative Disorders, :

  • Begun early during my undergraduate final-year dissertation study-project (2001, with honours), but mostly during my Postgraduate MSc and PhD studies in Food Chemistry-Biochemistry, with honours and Scholarships from the 'Hellenic Foundation of State Scholarships' (1st throughout Greece), whilst also working as a Post-Graduate Research-Teaching Assistant (2002-2007) at the 'Department of Chemistry, University of Athens' in Greece.
  • I continued this journey as an Assistant Professor (2008, fixed-term specific contract appointment) and as a Postdoctoral Research & Teaching Associate within the same Institution (2008-2011), with Scholarships and funding from non-profit institutions ('Hellenic Foundation of State Scholarships', 'Hellenic Society for Research, Study and Education in Infectious Diseases', etc.), after successful tests and evaluation of my submitted proposals.
  • After a Postdoctoral sabbatical in 'Albany Medical College' in NY of USA (2011, NIH-funded), I have further expanded my Academic expertise as a Part-time Lecturer and Teaching-Associate/Instructor/Tutor in several Colleges/Educational Institutions. Afterwards, I was selected by the 'Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection of the Hellenic Republic' to be a Public Servant-Scientist (Chemist-Biochemist) at the 'Region of Attica of Hellenic Republic', Greece (2013-2017).
  • Recently (2017-2019), I was also a Postdoctoral Research-Teaching Associate at the Department of Biological Sciences of the University of Limerick in Ireland, while since January 2020 I am currently a Lecturer BB in Food Sciences at the same Institution.
  • All these years I was totally committed to Research within the areas of Food Science & Health and related undergraduate and postgraduate education, but also in teaching and supervising both small and large groups of undergraduate/postgraduate students, and of several undergraduate Final Year Diploma-Dissertations Projects and postgraduate studies (Masters and PhD).

My research concern the beneficial effects of bioactive compounds of natural origin, of food supplements and nutraceuticals, of vitamins and their analogues and of several other synthetic molecules (organometallic complexes, drugs, etc.) against inflammation-related chronic disorders such as CVD, Renal Disorders, Cancer, Persistent Infections (Periodontitis, HIV-infection, Leishmaniosis), etc.
Ø During these research studies,

I have also participated in the Discovery & Development of novel biochemical, bioanalytical, lipidomic methods of analysis and specified enzymatic-assays/bioassays, which facilitated the study of the implication of specific potent pro-inflammatory and athero-thrombotic cytokines such as Platelet Activating Factor (PAF) in chronic disorders (i.e. in CVD), but also the in vitro and in vivo evaluation for the first time of the anti-inflammatory health benefits of bioactive polar lipids (BPLs) and of other compounds on these pathologies [See below representative research outputs].

Such innovative chemical/biochemical/bio-analytical/lipidomic methods/assays that I have discovered/developed during these studies, are currently effectively applied in several Labs and academic/research institutions with a scientific impact in the fields of Food Sciences & Health.

The results of all these studies have been published in peer reviewed Scientific Journals relative to the areas of Food Science & Health, where I was First-Author/Co-author and Corresponding Author in more than 50 published articles, books/book-chapters with almost 600 citations (h index = 13). I have also been invited/participated with Oral-Presentations/Posters in several (more than 30) International Conferences and Symposiums.

'As long as we have the opportunity, let's do our best for the good of all in the SHORT time given to us'