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Dr. Ahmad Albadarin


Dr Ahmad B. Albadarin received a B.S. degree in Analytical Chemistry and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Queen's University Belfast in 2012. He joined the University of Limerick in 2014, and since then, worked within UL's Pharmaceutical Processing Research Cluster. Dr Albadarin has extensive knowledge and experience with particle analysis and processing/optimization, formulation, and characterization. Dr Albadarin is successfully adapting research focus to ensure relevance and engagement of industry partners, providing scientific leadership and management of interdisciplinary research projects with numerous national and international RPOs and manufacturing companies. To date, he has been awarded ~€2million in research funding from SFI, EI and EU and industry sources. He also formed a University spin-out company in 2017 'Innovative Particle Processing, iP2' (, specialized in advanced particle and powder processing solutions. Dr Albadarin has published > 100 scientific papers and patents with over 3500 citations since 2011. These scientific articles were peer-reviewed and accepted by prestigious Engineering and pharmaceutical international journals. Google Scholar profile:; Scopus account

Research Interests

  • Particle Powder Technology: Granulation and coating of pharmaceuticals and organic fertilizers.
  • Molecular Modelling of Drug and Excipient Interactions: Development of new materials and technologies for the generation and stabilisation of the active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Modelling, Optimization, and Control of Batch & Continuous Processes: Thermodynamic and kinetic properties of multiphase systems and pharmaceutical recovery