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Dr. Adina Preda


I am senior lecturer in political theory and I was previously a research fellow at the Centre for Research in Ethics at the University of Montreal (CREUM), a Hoover fellow at the Chaire Hoover, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium and a lecturer in political theory at University College Dublin. Research interests: theories of rights (group rights, human rights, conflicts of rights), distributive justice, especially luck egalitarianism, global justice, and justice in health. I'm currently finishing a monograph tentatively entitled 'Global conflicts of rights' and starting a new five-year project on 'Rights and Egalitarianism' funded by an ERC Consolidator Grant.

Research Interests

I am currently working on a monograph entitled 'Global conflicts of rights'. I'm also writing on the idea of equality and egalitarian theories of justice and their global application as well as justice in health, in particular the philosophical assumptions and implications of the social determinants of health framework.
Some of my papers in progress are:

  • ‘Can there be positive human rights?'

  • ‘Partial equality or justice?'

  • ‘Voluntariness, freedom, and freedom of choice'

Teaching Interests

PA4002 Research Design for HPSS
PA4027 Public Administration FYP Skills
PO4030 Theories of Distributive Justice
PO4067 Studies in Political Thought
PO5222 Global Justice


Book Chapter


Human rights, climate change, and sustainability
Adina Preda
Human rights and sustainability: moral responsibilities for the future


Group Rights and Group Agency
Adina Preda
Law and Legal Theory: Studies in Moral Philosophy


A Human Right to Health?
Adina Preda
Health Inequalities and Global Justice

Conference Contribution


Ideals and Reality
Adina Preda


Manchester Workshops in Political Theory
Adina Preda & Nicholas Vrousalis


Priority in Practice
Adina Preda

Other Publication


Does inequality really matter?
Preda, A.; Humphreys, J.
The Irish Times


'Recourse to Force: State State Action against Threats and Armed Attacks
Adina Preda
The Nordic Journal of Human Rights

Peer Reviewed Journal


The Social Determinants of Health:Why Should We Care?
Adina Preda & Kristin Voigt
American Journal Of Bioethics DOI: 10.1080/15265161.2014.998374


Rights: Concept and Justification
Adina Preda
Ratio Juris


Are there any conficts of rights?
Adina Preda
Ethical Theory And Moral Practice


Group rights and group agency
Adina Preda
Journal of Moral Philosophy DOI: 10.1163/174552412X625736