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Covid Disruption Funding FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can be an applicant to this scheme?

Answer: Applicants are contract researchers or research students, who are seeking an extension to their own contract/studentship, and who meet the eligibility criteria as defined in the call guidance document. Note, that if there are a number of team members involved in a project, each team member seeking an extension should apply individually.


I am an academic supervisor, and my project was interrupted by Covid-19. The contract of a researcher on the project has already ended. Can I apply to the scheme for funding to re-hire the researcher or to recruit a new researcher?

Answer: This scenario cannot be supported. Applicants to the scheme must be either a member of research staff or a research student in UL at the time of application. Researchers who have already finished in UL are not eligible to apply.


I am a research student and am due to finish after 28th February 2021. Am I eligible to apply to this scheme?

Answer: In this case, you are not eligible for the first round of funding under this scheme, as this is for those finishing on or before 28th February 2021. The details for the next round of funding have yet to be finalised, but we expect it to launched shortly after the first round awards have been allocated and to cater for those finishing by end-2021.


I am a research student and have already submitted my thesis for examination. Am I eligible to apply?

Answer: One of the eligibility criteria is that “It must be feasible for the funding requested to enable you to progress the research in a meaningful way over the period in question.” Therefore, if you have already submitted your thesis for examination by the time of the deadline on 9th November 2020, it would not be deemed eligible for you to meet this criterion.


My position is currently funded through an external funding award. If my application is successful under this scheme, do I need to get a no cost extension from my external funder?

Answer: Yes. Any cost extension granted for externally funded projects will be subject to your research funder granting a no-cost extension. If the external funder does not provide a no cost extension, you cannot receive the funding requested, even if your application is deemed fundable by UL.

For the main Irish funders (SFI, IRC, HRB, EI, DAFM, EPA), UL will send a list of all successful applicants to the funders, requesting no-cost extensions to their projects. Note that the funders may choose to further engage directly with the researchers or the grant-holders in relation to their individual extensions. 

For EU Funded Projects, applicants are advised to contact their EU Project Officer, through the project coordinator where applicable, in order to request an extension. 

For all other external funders, please liaise, in the first instance, with your line manager/supervisor on seeking an extension from your funder. In most cases, the request for a no-cost extension will need to be made by the grant holder.