Scientists at University of Limerick prepare essential COVID-19 testing solution

Prof Norelee Kennedy of the UL Covid Action group with Dr Edel Durack, instrument scientist at Bernal Institute, picture © RTÉ

Scientists at University of Limerick have created a testing solution for COVID-19 amid worldwide shortages of the crucial materials.

In response to the global shortage of reagents and extraction kits for COVID-19 testing, scientists at UL’s Bernal Institute, plus the departments of chemical and biological sciences at UL, joined forces with other research centres and institutes to source materials and prepare a testing solution, which has fallen short of supply.

University of Limerick to host new Exercise is Medicine National Centre

University of Limerick and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) have announced the launch of the Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) Ireland National Centre.

The Centre aims to make physical activity a standard part of Ireland’s disease prevention and treatment health care system. Ireland joins 37 other countries that have established an Exercise is Medicine National Centre to combat physical inactivity and improve the health of citizens.

UL study reveals ‘identical’ survival rates for kidney dialysis patients using different forms of treatment

Professor Austin Stack, Foundation Chair of Medicine and Lead Investigator for the Kidney Research Consortium at UL

Research carried out at University of Limerick has shown that life expectancy outcomes for two of the most common forms of kidney dialysis treatment are “virtually identical”.

In the largest study of its kind, researchers from the Graduate Entry Medical School (GEMS) at UL compared the survival of patients with kidney failure that were treated with either peritoneal dialysis (PD) or haemodialysis (HD) at a dialysis centre, two of the most common forms of available treatments.

Minister cuts the ribbon on ‘world class educational and research facility’ at UHL

Prof Rachel Msetfi, Dean Education and Health Sciences, UL, Dr Eoin Noctor, Consultant Endocrinologist, UL Hospitals Group, Prof Paul Burke, Chief Academic Officer, UL Hospitals Group and Vice Dean Education and Health Sciences UL and Miriam McCarthy, Manager Health Sciences Academy, pictured at the official opening of the Clinical Education & Research Centre and launch of the Health Sciences Academy at University Hospital Limerick Pictures: Alan Place.

New UL-led project could dramatically reduce risk of error in certain cancer treatments

Principal investigator Dr Sinéad O’Keeffe, a Royal Society – Science Foundation Ireland University Research Fellow

A new project led by researchers at University of Limerick has the potential to dramatically reduce the risk of error in the treatment of prostate and gynaecological cancer.

The Origin project, of which UL is the coordinating organisation, aims to deliver more effective, photonics-enabled, brachytherapy cancer treatment through advanced real-time radiation dose imaging and source localisation.

University of Limerick study shows personalised treatments can have significant impact on back pain

Dr Kieran O'Sullivan, University of Limerick, principal investigator on the study

A new study by researchers at University of Limerick has found that a “personalised approach” to back pain treatment can have a significant impact.

Back pain is the most costly and disabling health condition in the world, with the costs of back pain exceeding that of cancer and diabetes combined. For decades, most treatments for back pain have had little or no impact on the condition.

However, the UL study, which has just been published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, has shown that there may be cause for more optimism.

UL and IRFU release second year of findings from IRIS research project

Launching the report are Dr Rod McLoughlin, IRFU Medical Director, Caithriona Yeomans, IRIS UL PhD researcher for club rugby, Therese Leahy, IRIS UL PhD researcher for schools rugby and Dr Ian Kenny, Senior Lecturer Biomechanics UL and IRIS Co-Principal Investigator

The Irish Rugby Football Union and University of Limerick have released the second year of findings from the Irish Rugby Injury Surveillance (IRIS) research project, which looks at injury incidence in the Men’s and Women’s All-Ireland League and schools rugby during the 2018/19 season.

UL to lead collaboration to deliver new Masters in Digital Health Transformation

Prof. Martin Curley, Chair of the Digital Academy Forum, Dr. Colm Henry, HSE’s Chief Clinical Officer, Prof Ann Ledwith, Dean of Graduate & Professional Studies at UL and Dr. Michael Harty, Chair of the Oireachtas Health Committee

University of Limerick is to lead a collaboration that will deliver a unique new Masters to train digital leaders in the health service.

The new MSc in Digital Health Transformation has been hailed as a “step forward for digital innovation in the Irish Healthcare system”.