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Brian Carey


I joined the Department of Politics and Public Administration in September 2015 as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Political Theory, where I will be conducting research for the Mobility & Inclusion in a Multilingual Europe (MIME) project ( ). Before joining the Department, I completed a PhD in political theory at the University of Manchester. I also hold an MA in philosophy from University College Cork, and an MSc. in Human Rights from University College Dublin.

I write mostly about issues in contemporary moral and political philosophy. My current research interests include ideal and non-ideal theory, political feasibility, linguistic justice, and political liberalism. My published work includes articles on political feasibility, motivational limitations on the demands of justice, and the morality of digital piracy.

Research Interests

I work mainly on issues in contemporary political and moral philosophy. My PhD thesis concerned the relationship between ideal and non-ideal approaches in theories of distributive justice. I am interested in different aspects of political feasibility, including moral demandingness, collective action, and decision-making under conditions of uncertainty.

From September 2015 I will be working on the Mobility & Inclusion in a Multilingual Europe (MIME) Project ( ) at the University of Limerick. My role in this project involves working with a team of political theorists and other experts to explore the implications of multilinguialism within the European Union in terms of distributive justice.


Book Chapters


Permissible Piracy?
Carey, B.
(2012) Permissible Piracy?
In Digital Ethics: Research and Practice; New York : Peter Lang, Digital Formations Series

Other Journals


Towards a 'Non-Ideal' Non-Ideal Theory
Carey, B.
(2015) Towards a 'Non-Ideal' Non-Ideal Theory
In Journal of Applied Philosophy;