Adjunct Professor appointed in unique academia and industry collaboration at UL

Director of Pfizer Process Development Centre, Dr. Liam Tully has been appointed as Adjunct Professor of Pharmaceutical Innovation at the University of Limerick. The Adjunct Professor position results from Liam’s extensive work and continued efforts in building collaborations between the pharmaceutical industry and academia in Ireland. The Adjunct Professor role will ensure closer collaboration and increased input from industry in the educational development of students and the important Research Programmes ongoing in the University of Limerick in support of the Irish pharmaceutical industry.

Professor Kieran Hodnett, Scientific Director of the SFI funded Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre hosted by the University of Limerick said “The University of Limerick welcomes Dr Liam Tully to our university as Adjunct Professor in Pharmaceutical Innovation. His appointment contributes to the strategic alignment of industry and academia in Ireland, which has been pioneered by UL. Such collaborations have taken on greater importance in recent years, given Ireland’s focus on becoming a global innovation hub, which focuses on improving and measuring the economic and societal impacts of funded research.”

Speaking about his appointment Dr. Tully said, “Ireland was recently ranked by Forbes magazine as the “best country for business”. The country has attracted a significant level of investment by some of the biggest multinationals, including Pfizer who recently announced an investment of $130 million in two Irish manufacturing sites. To remain competitive and ensure that this inward investment continues it is important that there is an aligned strategy between the Government, Industry, and the Education sector’s.  Great progress has been made in recent years in this regard and the University of Limerick has been a key contributor to this.  As we look forward, Ireland, as a leading pharmaceutical innovation hub is now well positioned to benefit from programmes like Horizon 2020. This EU programme for Research and Innovation, which has a budget of over €70 billion will be an additional focus for industry/academia collaboration, supported by the government agencies.  This will further enhance the level of Innovation and use of new Science & Technology in support of Pharma manufacturing.  Undoubtedly, there are many exciting opportunities that can be realised through further academia and industry collaboration.

Dr. Paul Duffy, Vice-President, Pfizer commented on the appointment saying “Pfizer has extensive manufacturing operations in Ireland and partnership with academia is central to our future strategies to enhance and develop our manufacturing expertise and operations. These partnerships are key to helping improve manufacturing process and technology which increases competitiveness which is vitally important to our Irish operations.”

Dr Liam Tully completed a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Trinity College Dublin and has worked in a number of large multinational pharmaceutical companies. He currently works as Director of Pfizer’s global Process Development Centre (PDC) based in Cork. This centre is dedicated to the pursuit of Best Chemistry and transformational New Technology for application in Pfizer’s commercial medicines. Dr. Tully is a strong advocate of structured innovation and is a holder of numerous patents and an international IChemE award.