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Aoife O'Neill


I have completed a B.Sc in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Limerick, with a major in Statistics.
I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Limerick with my thesis titled "Profile development using latent variable modelling of longitudinal survey data". Latent variable modelling is widely used across the social, behavioural and health sciences. Developing these statistical methods and applying them to survey data is the aim of my research.

Research Interests

Latent Variable Modelling:
My main research focus is the application of latent class analysis to longitudinal survey data in the social, behavioural and health sciences. Latent class analysis (LCA) is a statistical tool that behavioural scientists are using with increasing frequency. LCA provides a framework for measuring categorical variables with the aim of identifying underlying subgroups in a population and classifying individuals into distinct homogeneous groups based on some underlying characteristics. Two useful extensions of LCA are multiple-group LCA and LCA with covariates. Multiple-group LCA allows the researcher to identify differences in groups across the latent unobserved categorical variable, while LCA with covariates extends the model to include predictors of class membership using a logistic link. A benefit of latent class theory is that it can be used to describe the sequential development of process and predict initial status and transitions over time in longitudinal datasets.

Professional Activities


  • 2019 University of Limerick - PhD
  • 2015 University of Limerick - Bachelor of Science


  • Conference of Applied Statistics in Ireland 2016,


  • Alkermes - Finance Analyst