What are Writing-talk advocates?

The Regional Writing Centre is seeking Writing-talk Advocates to contribute to our Writing-talk blog.

Talking about writing is how the RWC helps students and staff to become better writers.

Now, we want you to join us in talking about writing by sharing your experiences of writing for academic assessment - your thoughts, your emotions, your strategies, your triumphs and your tribulations. 

We are not asking you to teach others how to write. We are simply asking for you to share your experiences.

When you tell us about a specific writing situation and how you dealt with it, mentally, emotionally or strategically, either successfully or unsuccessfully, people learn from your experience.

Who can take part?

This initiative is specially aimed at students who wish to rack up hours for the President's Volunteer Award (PVA), while becoming better writers.

However, you do not have to be in the PVA programme to be a Writing-talk Advocate.

We encourage everyone's participation. All academic levels are welcome, first-year all the way up to PhD and staff, anyone who writes in academic contexts.

You do not have to be a UL student, and we accept submissions from across the globe.

By talking about what we do when we write - how we overcome obstacles that inevitably arise, what works and doesn't work in pursuit of good grades on papers or acceptance for publication - we all become better writers. 

How to get involved

Visit regionalwritingcentre.tumblr.com to read about how others have overcome obstacles in writing and consider submitting a short piece about your own writing experiences about writing for university. 

Sign up today on studentvolunteer.ie or send your blog entry directly to writingcentre@ul.ie to be a Writing-talk Advocate and begin making contributions to Writing Talk.