Msetfi, Rachel, Prof.

Msetfi, Rachel, Prof.

Prof. Rachel Msetfi
+ 353 61 202709
Dean of Faculty of Education and Health Sciences
Psychology Department, E1-025, University of Limerick, Ireland.



Departmental Roles: Currently, I am the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences

Teaching: I am involved in the delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate modules, including Theory and Method 2 (Cognition), Advanced Analysis in Psychology 2, Professional Skills 1 and 2, Abnormal and Clinical Psychology.

Research: I am interested in the processes involved in human learning and the psychological factors that can affect  learning. The processes underlying how people learn about their personal control over their lives and environment are of particular interest. One reason for this interest is that psychologically healthy people tend to feel 'in control' of their lives and environment whereas depression, anxiety and other psychopathologies are often associated with a sense of helpless and lack of control. Culture is another variable that I am interested in as the significance of personal control to individuals comes very much from a Western perspective. These and other relevant topics are the subject of my ongoing research.

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