McAuliffe, Alan, Dr.

McAuliffe, Alan, Dr.

Dr. Alan McAuliffe
Course Director B.Sc.
Course Director B.A.
Department of Psychology E1-032 University of Limerick Limerick Ireland


I received a B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy (joint hons.) in 2010, and a PhD in Psychology in 2016 from Mary Immaculate College (PhD research supervised by Dr Marek McGann). On completion of my graduate studies, I worked as a Teaching Fellow in Psychology at Mary Immaculate College until June 2018. In 2017, I was a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Mary Immaculate College on an IRC-funded research project titled “Emotion regulation and cardiovascular reactivity to stress: Experimentally manipulating the “Type D” behavioural profile” (Principal Investigator: Dr Siobhán Howard, University of Limerick).



My research is primarily in the area of cognitive psychology with strong links to phenomenological research methods. I am particularly interested how meaning emerges through perceptual capacities and context. My experimental research, at present, is largely concerned with mixed-method approaches to cognition and action. My work aims to refine our understanding of the effects that qualitative methods have on the behaviour being examined, ways to overcome this, and how our behaviour is guided by context and our cognitive functions. My research interests more generally include: phenomenology, perception and action, personality and context, sense-making, and embodied cognition.



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  • McAuliffe, A., & McGann, M. (2016) Sampling Participants’ Experience in Laboratory Experiments: Complementary Challenges for More Complete Data Collection. Frontiers in Psychology,


Conference presentations:

  • McAuliffe, A, (2018). Using complementary approaches to understand behaviour in context: Mixed method approaches in cognitive tasks. (Poster presentation in absentia) Open Self 2018, Technical University, Berlin, 5th – 7th September
  • McAuliffe, A, (2014). Framing and experiential effects on task performance: the Iowa Gambling Task in context. Consciousness and Experiential Psychology, Cambridge University, UK, 4th – 6th September
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  • McAuliffe, A, (2012). The Iowa Gambling Task in context: Context and behaviour strategies. LPRC, Mary Immaculate College, Ireland, 13th June
  • McAuliffe, A, & Egan, S, (2011). Shying Away? An eye-tracking study of shyness. 40th Annual Conference of the Psychological Society of Ireland, Athlone, Ireland, 11th – 13th  November


Professional memberships:

  • British Psychological Society
  • Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section: BPS
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