Creaven, Ann-Marie, Dr.

Creaven, Ann-Marie, Dr.

Dr. Ann-Marie Creaven
+353 61 234909
Department of Psychology EM-015 University of Limerick Limerick Ireland

Dr. Ann-Marie Creaven is currently on leave

I completed my degree and doctorate in psychology at NUI Galway, supported by a college fellowship and the (then) Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences. During my undergraduate studies I also completed a diploma in Gaeilge (Irish language), and during my PhD studies I collaborated on an NIH-funded study of at-risk parents and children, based in Pennsylvania State University. Broadly, my research examines how our social relationships influence health, for better and for worse, particularly in terms of coping with stress. This programme of research spans several sub-disciplines of psychology and relates to other disciplines including health and sociology.



I joined the Department of Psychology at the University of Limerick as a Lecturer in September 2013, following my training at NUI Galway, and a year applying my research skills to several policy-relevant projects at the Educational Research Centre in Drumcondra. At UL, I am a member of the Heath Research Institute and the Centre for Social Issues Research. I am also part of the SASHLab research cluster, involved in several strands of research in relationships, stress and health. For example, one strand explores the importance of social support for quality of life in individuals with chronic illness. I currently supervise four PhD students conducting research on loneliness, attachment, emotion regulation, and families affected by imprisonment.  I am a member of the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in Social Sciences (BITSS) Catalyst network, committed to advancing the practice and teaching of transparent social science research.



My primary teaching is for research methods (mainly quantitative), and introductory psychology. I have taught students from psychology, arts (omnibus), law, international business, sports science, clinical therapies, Erasmus, and study abroad, from first year to sPhD. I also lead the psychology research project modules for UG and masters, and have supervised 22 undergraduate theses and 14 masters’ theses to date, primarily in health psychology. In 2015-2016, I was one of four recipients of the First Seven Weeks Teaching Award, for staff identified by first year students as having the most positive effect on their early learning experiences at UL. In 2016, I was one of three UL staff shortlisted for the Shannon Consortium Regional Teaching Excellence Award. In 2017, I won UL’s team teaching award with collaborator Dr. Stephen Gallagher.


Other Activities

I regularly give presentations on both my research (nationally and internationally), and on my teaching, including at public events such as the Midlands Science Festival. I also regularly contribute to the Today with Sean O’Rourke show on RTE Radio 1, discussing topics related to health and well-being.





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