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Dr. Andrew Moynihan


I completed a BA in Applied Psychology at University College Cork and graduated in 2011. Following this, I came to the University of Limerick and completed an MSc in Psychological Science (Applied & Social Psychology Stream), graduating in January 2013. Shortly afterwards, I began a PhD, supervised by Dr. Eric R. Igou (University of Limerick) and Dr. Wijnand A. P. van Tilburg (University of Essex). For my PhD, I investigated the effects of boredom and disbelief in free will on hedonic and interpersonal behaviours using existential psychological perspectives. I graduated with a PhD in 2017. In January 2018, I began a post-doctoral research fellowship at the Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences (iCRAG), a research centre funded by Science Foundation Ireland, the European Regional Development Fund, the Geological Survey of Ireland, and industry partners at University College Dublin. I worked on a project about the public's perception of geosciences and related activities, supervised by Dr. Geertje Schuitema (University College Dublin). In August 2018, I began a lecturing position in the University of Limerick.

Research Interests

My research interests are in social, existential, hedonic, and personality psychology. In general, I'm interested in how people engage in hedonic and interpersonal behaviours as a means to escape from threats to meaning in life and variables that promote or hinder these tendencies. I'm also interested in research on social and gender identities.

Professional Activities


  • 2018 - James M. Flaherty Research Scholarship
  • 2018 - Research Funding
  • 2017 - PhD Scholar's Bursary
  • 2014 - Residential Scholarship
  • 2014 - Structured PhD Research Support Funds
  • 2014 - Diversity Travel Award
  • 2013 - Fee Waiver


Peer Reviewed Journal


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European Journal Of Social Psychology DOI: 10.1002/ejsp.2696


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Bored Like Hell: Religiosity Reduces Boredom and Tempers the Quest for Meaning.
Van Tilburg, W. A. P.; Igou, E. R.; Maher, P. J.; Moynihan, A. B.; Martin, D. G.


Boredom Increases Impulsiveness: A Meaning-Regulation Approach
Moynihan, A. B.; Igou, E. R.; Van Tilburg, W. A. P.
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Free, Connected, and Meaningful: Free Will Beliefs Promote Meaningfulness Through Belongingness
Moynihan, A. B.; Igou, E. R.; Van Tilburg, W. A. P.
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Eaten Up by Boredom: Consuming Food to Escape Awareness of The Bored Self.
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Frontiers in psychology DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2015.00369