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Joseph Firnhaber



B.A. in Psychology, The College of New Jersey

Thesis Advisor:

Dr. Ronni Michelle Greenwood

Professional Biography:

I graduated from The College of New Jersey where I studied Social Psychology and Gender Studies.  Now, I’ve begun my PhD at Limerick under the supervision of Dr. Ronni Greenwood.

Research Interests: 

In the broadest sense, I am interested in the ways that people with privilege are affected by their elevated place in society, from the standpoint of Social Identity theory.  Much of the identity research thus far has examined ways in which groups who suffer oppression see themselves, their oppressors, their allies, and how these groups respond to their position in society.  A growing number of researchers have examined privileged groups’ experiences and inform the theoretical foundation of my research.  I am interested specifically in men’s experiences with behavior that differs from traditional hegemonic masculinity.  Previously, I have done research on the stigma against men acting in non-traditional ways, such as supporting the feminist movement or taking paternal leave. 


Constructing masculinity in liminal space: A discursive look at men's social and place identities through life transitions.

This project focuses on the ways in which men construct masculinity through talk about life transitions in young adulthood.  I focus on the ways that men construct their identity in negotiation with class, socio-environmental spaces, and social history. I pay specific attention to men’s discursive engagement with privilege and disadvantage, as well as their individual position in regards to members of their own and other social groups.


Wiley, S., Srinivasan, R., Finke, E., Firnhaber, J. and Shilinsky, A., (2012)  "Positive Portrayals of Feminist Men Increase Men’s Solidarity with Feminists and Collective Action Intentions" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the ISPP 35th Annual Scientific Meeting, Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL

Course: PhD Student

Role: PhD Student