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Raymond Boateng, MSc Global-MINDS

I Joined Global-MINDS just after I had finished a master’s degree in educational leadership and policy at Beijing Normal University.  Global-Minds was my second master degree. Upon finishing my first masters, I felt unfulfilled and decided to go back to my psychology discipline, in which I got my undergraduate training. Coincidentally, I chanced on Global-MINDS programme with its fancy title; European Master in the Psychology of Global Mobility, Inclusion and Diversity in Society.

I applied to Global-MINDS as I found the program to align with my interest and academic goals. Global-MINDS is unique due to its focus on insights into contemporary social and societal issues from social and cultural Psychology. The program is structured such that it suits well with the title. I had the opportunity to attend three partner universities through the required structured student mobility, which enhanced my intercultural experiences.

In my second year in UL, I had the amazing opportunity to intern for Sanctuary with Psychology project and the migration research lab alongside writing my Master Research Project. My time in UL was the best of the lot. I gained practical hands-on experiences and became more confident in research-based expertise on social intervention and integration policies within the spectrum of the psychology of migration and social psychology. I couldn’t have asked for a more rewarding experience.

Through Global-MINDS I developed a great interest in several research areas and analytical skills needed to undertake a higher degree by research (PhD).  I am currently doing my PhD with the department of applied psychology at Lingnan University. My PhD project is situated at the overlap of social and cultural psychology more broadly. I wouldn’t have thought of pursuing a PhD if not for Global-MINDS and my supervisors.

I am extremely grateful for the support I received from all the partner institutions, the supervisors I got to work with and the number of contacts I made during those two years. I strongly recommend this program to any prospective candidate who wishes to be trained in scientific knowledge and gain practical skills in social and cultural psychology.