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Maureen O'Neill

After several years focused on raising my family, I chose to continue my educational goals at the University of Limerick.  My undergraduate degree and my first master’s degree are both from prominent universities in America. However, with the ultimate goal of gaining acceptance in a clinical psychology programme in Ireland, it was evident that my background and skills in research methods was lacking and in need of further development in order to be considered for an interview in a clinical psychology programme.  The Masters of Science degree in Psychological Science, with a stream in research methods was an ideal match to further my ultimate goal in clinical psychology. 

The quality of instruction and the comprehensive nature of the modules was challenging and rewarding.  However, where the program went beyond my expectations was in the opportunity presented to me in completing my major research project.  Not only did I have the support, experience and knowledge of my University supervisor, Dr. Stephen Gallagher, but I was also able to work in conjunction with Dr. Donal Fortune, a highly accomplished and respected clinical psychologist with Acquired Brain Injury Ireland.  Having the opportunity to work with Dr. Fortune not only provided me with a unique research project which will be specifically targeted towards acceptance into a clinical psychology programme, but it also allowed me to develop a positive working relationship with a highly regarded clinical psychologist resulting in an impressive resource for a future recommendation. 

In addition to the academic advantages I have gained from my experience in the MSc in psychological science at the University of Limerick, I have developed several life-long friendships with other students in the programme.  The intensity of the course work, as well as the required group projects of the modules, encourages an environment of mutual support and friendship building.  These relationships are not only close friendships, but they are important networking contacts for my future employment opportunities.