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Beatriz Gómez, MSc Global-MINDS

During my studies in Spain completing a BSc in Psychology specialized in Health and Clinical Psychology, my involvement with several social initiatives, from internships to local and international volunteering, flourished a particular interest in the not evidently visible societal inequalities and the normalized cultural bias within the humanitarian field. Despite my intention of becoming a therapist, these experiences made a turn in my career whilst keeping myself within the psychology field. This is how I found the Global-MINDS programme. It perfectly represented the idea I had in mind, an international programme in psychology involving several universities with an approach on social and cultural psychology, and on top of that, with a diverse cohort of students that enriched every course, group assignment and class discussion.

Among the mobility options, I purposely chose the Diversity and Inclusion Path because it offered the module Political Psychology led by Dr. Anca Minescu, who lately became my thesis supervisor. During my first year, I attended ISCTE in Lisbon (Portugal) and UL. For my second year, I completed an internship with Give Something Back to Berlin (Germany) assisting in projects supporting refugees and migrants living in Berlin; and finally, I came back to UL to complete my Master Research project in collective action and stereotypes about Syrian refugees in Ireland.

The last semester at UL was the most important for me. While developing and writing my thesis, I had the amazing opportunity to be a research assistant to the Migration Research Lab and work in a teaching assistantship with Dr. Anca Minescu. Up until this moment, I had never considered a career in research, but the experience gained working in UL and the research and analytical skills acquired throughout the semester sharpened my eye as a social and cultural psychologist and opened a new career path for me. At the moment, I work as project manager and research assistant at the Department of Psychology of UL with a future ambition of completing a PhD in social or political psychology.

Global-MINDS made a turning point in my life. The programme itself, the international experience and studying alongside a multicultural cohort have made the academic and personal outcomes more rewarding than I ever expected. I cannot but fully recommend this programme to any psychology student interested in topics such as prejudice, migration or any other contemporary issue. This programme will provide you with a valuable set of theoretical and practical skills with a scientific approach in social and cultural psychology.