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Professor Kerstin Mey

Vice President Academic Affairs & Student Engagement

Time of assuming the current leadership role

In April 2018, Professor Kerstin Mey was appointed Vice President Academic Affairs & Student Engagement at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

Previous experience and education

Over the past 25 years, Kerstin Mey has built a track record of successfully initiating and implementing pioneering academic and research initiatives and cultural projects in higher education. As an experienced leader and senior manager, she led major infrastructure and culture change programmes and set up a range of strategic external partnerships.

After studying for an MA equivalent in Art and German language and literature at Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, and obtaining a PhD in Art Theory and Aesthetics there, Kerstin Mey held academic positions in universities in Germany and the UK. Before she joined the University of Westminster as Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of Media, Arts and Design, and Professor of Contemporary Art and Theory in 2013, she was Director for Research and Enterprise at the University for the Creative Arts, UK. From 2009–2013, she led the research strand Art and its Locations in Interface: Centre for Research in Art, Technologies and Design at the University of Ulster and was Director of the Research Institute of Art and Design there.

Research/Professional interests

Kerstin’s research is concerned with contemporary art in relation to identity formation, digital literacies, cross-disciplinary connectivities, documentation and archives. She gives consideration to participatory and socially engaged creative practices and public pedagogies more generally. Publications include:  the authored book Art and Obscenity (2007); and, amongst others, the edited volumes: with Smite and Smites, Artistic Research (2011); with Kroenke and Spielmann, Kulturelle Umbrüche: Identitäten, Räume, Repräsentationen (2007); On-Site/In-Sight, special issue Journal of Visual Art Practice, Vols. 4.1/4.2 (2005); Art in the Making. Aesthetics, Historicity and Practice (2004) and Sculpsit (2001).

Areas of responsibility

  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Academic planning and transformation of education across the university
  • Quality assurance: academic quality, departmental/divisional reviews, institutional review
  • External examiner system
  • Graduate and Professional Education
  • Library
  • Cooperative Education and Careers Division
  • International Education, recruitment, partnerships and internationalisation at home
  • Student Affairs (support, access, health, counselling)
  • Student complaints, disciplinary, appeals and Garda vetting
  • Community Engagement
  • Ceremonies – conferring, honorary doctorates, UL40, PVA and other official ceremonies
  • Representation of University on Irish Universities Association (IUA), including Campus Engage Steering Group
  • Board member of National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning on behalf of IUA
  • Liaison with government departments and agencies
  • Deputising for President, as required

Full list of publications:


  • ‘Death Matters’, Art and the Dynamics of Circulation, Suppression, and Censorship, edited by Catha Paquette, Karen Kleinfelder and Christopher Miles, New York, London: Bloomsbury Publishing, Spring 2020
  • ‘Plastic Vanitas’, Mariele Neudecker, Bath Spa: Wunderkammer Press, Summer 2020


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  • Private Universities in Austria, Analysis and Policy recommendations, Austrian Science Board: 2016 (Chair of the working group and lead author of the publication)
  • Co-editor with Kristina Niedderer, Special Issue, Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education, Vol. 10.2, 2012 (editorial pp. 121–125), ISSN 1474 273X.
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  • Co-editor with Smite, Medoch and Smites: Energy, special issue of Acoustic Space Journal, volume 8, published by MPLab, University of Liepaja and RIXC The Centre for Media Culture, Riga, Latvia, February 2011, ISSN 1407-2858.
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