Tuesday, November 24, 2020

University of Limerick President Professor Kerstin Mey has launched the latest edition of UL Links, the University’s flagship publication.

The high quality magazine aims to display the very best of what is happening at UL, with a key focus on education, research and innovation. It is carried in the Irish Times this Tuesday and will be distributed on Thursday locally with the Limerick Post. Read it online here.

Professor Mey said: “The winter edition of UL Links has just been published and is being circulated nationally with the Irish Times today. Every member of our staff community will be posted a copy of UL Links Winter 2020 this week and early next week and it will also be distributed throughout our local community with the Limerick Post newspaper on Thursday.

“This is the second edition of UL Links published in 2020 - the first being launched in what was a very different time in February. The new magazine contains stories of the incredible lengths you have all gone to, to keep this University remaining strong during an unprecedented global challenge.

“There are many sectors of our society that have been severely impacted by the restrictions COVID-19 has demanded of us. I believe that the higher education sector in Ireland has been one of those working on or close to the front lines, with our research community reacting immediately in so many valuable ways to contribute to the national response to this crisis. All of you, our lecturers, tutors, and professional services have rolled up your sleeves over and over again to ensure that our students’ learning and experience is the best we can possibly make it in these circumstances.

“And you have done all of this while coping with the myriad of challenges that remote working and home schooling brought to many homes and all the while dealing with a very real shared national anxiety about what we and our loved ones might be facing.

“The stories in this edition of Links are just a small snapshot of the countless triumphs, big and small, that our UL community has been involved in since all this began. As we continue to miss hearing each other’s stories on our campus corridors and coffee shops, I hope this magazine can bring you back some of that much missed community feeling.

“There are many stories in this edition of UL Links that look at how the many members of our wonderful community are playing their part to make the world a better place in challenging times. Locally, nationally and globally, I invite you to read them, to share them and become inspired by them,” added Professor Mey.

See the Irish Times and Limerick Post for the print edition of UL Links or enjoy it online and read a digital version at https://www.ul.ie/ullinks.