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Mr Andrew Flaherty

Chief Corporate Officer

Time of assuming the current Leadership role

On 12th October 2020, Mr Andrew Flaherty assumed his role as Chief Corporate Officer.

Previous experience and education

Prior to joining UL, Andrew has had over twenty years of experience at a senior level, managing large teams of people in various complex, diverse and highly regulated organisations.  His background and experience spans both the private and public sectors across aviation, telecommunications and financial services in HR, Operations, Commercial and Technical divisions. Andrew previously worked in companies such as Generali, Utmost Pan Europe, GE, Aer Lingus, Chill, Genworth and ESAT Digifone.

In December 2018, Andrew Flaherty was appointed as Director, Human Resources Division at the University of Limerick, Ireland.  Andrew was responsible for leading and managing the HR function both on a strategic and ongoing day-to-day operational basis. He was responsible for the development of a human resources strategy and addressing people management.

He supported UL’s Senior Management Team in delivering the University’s vision by ensuring high quality modern Human Resource support services were delivered to underpin the University’s mission. 

Andrew has an MSc in Human Resource Management from Napier University Edinburgh. 

Areas of responsibility

Chief Corporate Officer to lead HR, Corporate Secretary, Communications, Alumni and People & Corporate Strategy

  • Foregrounding of the people and compliance agendas
  • Align and enhance people, culture and communication internally
  • Reporting directly to the President to ensure effective liaison with Chancellor/GA and statutory bodies, ensure relevant and timely legal/contractual advice/compliance support across all areas of the university
  • Oversee and ensure GDPR, institutional compliance, FOI
  • Strengthening governance by separating the internal audit function from a key area of auditing:  finance/systems/operations
  • Strengthen external communication to diversity of stakeholders and across multiple channels including the vitalisation of the growing Alumni basis to harness its full institutional benefit

Committee Membership

  • Executive Committee
  • University Management Council