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  • Evening BA
Semester Code Title Lecturer PDF
1 PA4021 Ideas and Concepts in Public Administration Dr. Bernadette Connaughton
1 PO4011 Introduction to Government and Politics Professor Neil Robinson
2 PA4011 Civil and Public Service Dr Brid Quinn
2 PO4022 Modern European Political Thought Dr Andrew Shorten
3 PA4012 Paragovernmental Organisation Chris McInerney
3 PO4018 International Relations Dr Owen Worth
3 PO4023 Comparative European Politics
3 PO4033 Political Theory Dr Andrew Shorten
3 PO4043 Introduction to Irish Government and Politics Maura Adshead
3 PO4127 Regionalism in World Politics Dr Owen Worth
4 PO4004 Global Political Economy Dr Owen Worth
4 PO4013 Government and Politics of Ireland Maura Adshead
4 PO4015 Government and Politics of the EU Rory Costello
4 PO4102 Methods and Research in Political Science Dr Frank Häge
4 PL4013 Community Development Chris McInerney
6 PA4018 Public Policy Process Dr. Bernadette Connaughton
6 PA4002 Research Design for HPSS Adina Preda
6 PA4027 Public Administration FYP Skills Adina Preda
7 PA4017 Subnational Government in Europe Dr Brid Quinn
7 PO4027 International Organisations and Global Governance Scott Fitzsimmons
7 PO4067 Studies in Political Thought Adina Preda
7 PO4107 Nationalism, Ethnicity and Conflict
7 PO4117 Policy Making in the EU Dr Frank Häge
7 PO4041 The Politics of Oil
8 PA4038 Public Administration in Democratic States Chris McInerney
8 PO4008 African Politics:  Development and Democracy Prof Tom Lodge
8 PO4030 Theories of Distributive Justice Adina Preda
8 PO4032 Russian Politics Professor Neil Robinson
8 PO4048 Issues in World Politics Scott Fitzsimmons
8 PO4108 Multiculturalism and Political Theory Dr Andrew Shorten
8 PO4118 Ireland and the EU Dr Brid Quinn