Jacinta Cunneen

Jacinta graduated with a BA in Public Administration at the University of Limerick in 1995.  Having earned an MA (Research) in public policy in 1999 she subsequently taught public administration and social research methods at undergraduate level at the University of Limerick.  Further study earned her an MA Sociology (Applied Social Research) in 2003.  Jacinta has worked in a voluntary and professional capacity in community development for over 25 years.  Her voluntary interests include pre-school education, primary, secondary and adult education, the third age and community restorative justice.  She has an established consultancy business through which she has conducted numerous social research projects for both community and statutory agencies.  She embarked on her doctoral studies in 2007 in UL under the supervision of Dr. Bríd Quinn of the Dept. of Politics and Public Administration and graduated in 2012.

Publications include:

(2009) ‘Beyond the Rhetoric: Local Governance, Community Safety and the Multi-Agency Partnership Model; does the end justify the means? in Council Review, Journal for City and County Councils, Issue 29, pp 64-67.

(2008) Tackling anti-social behaviour: international problems, indigenous solutions
Working Paper Series No.1.  Dublin: Centre for Housing Research.

Research interests:

Public Governance; Community Development; Community Safety; Restorative Justice.