Gerardine Neylon

Ger Neylon graduated in 1981 from Cathal Brugha Street, Dublin with a Diploma in Pre-school Care. After graduation she worked for twenty three years in the development of Community Pre-school groups in Co. Clare. She was awarded an Advanced Diploma in Child Protection & Welfare (1994) from Trinity College. In 2003, she completed a BSc in Mutual Business Management in UCC and co-founded 'West Clare Early Years Care & Education', which was responsible for developing the management structure for pre-school services in Co. Clare, using a community development model. In 2006, she completed her MA in International studies, with a dissertation on investigating the impact of Social Partnership upon Early Childhood Care and Education.

She is co-author (with M. Adshead) of Keeping Politics Out of the Nursery - Democratic practice in Early Childhood Settings, (2008, Centre or Social and Educational Research CSER Dublin Institute of Technology)