Dr. Liam Kelly

Dr. Liam Kelly
Qualifications: PhD, Institute of Technology Carlow, 2019; BSc (Hons) Sport Science, Institute of Technology Carlow, 2015; Nat Diploma in Architectural Technology, Waterford Institute of Technology, 1997

Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences
Faculty of Education and Health Sciences
University of Limerick
E: Liam.Kelly@ul.ie
Twitter: @LiamKellyIRL


Adjunct Professor University of Limerick

Teaching and Research Interests:

Teaching Interests:

  • Exercise & Fitness
  • Biomechanics
  • Coaching
  • Fundamental Movement Skills
Research Interests:
  • Health Promotion and chronic disease prevention in men (including physical activity interventions)
  • community capacity building
  • Engaging ‘hard to reach’ men
  • Physical Activity and Health Policy

Personal Profile:

Dr. Liam Kelly is currently working as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Limerick in the area of Physical Activity and Health Policy; Policy Evaluation Network (PEN). PEN’s vision is to provide Europe with tools to identify, evaluate and benchmark policies designed to directly or indirectly address physical inactivity, unhealthy diets and sedentary behaviour while accounting for existing health inequities. Prior to this position, Liam completed his post-graduate studies as part of the ‘Men on the Move’ programme under the supervision of Dr. Noel Richardson (National Centre for Men’s Health, Institute of Technology Carlow). His research focused on investigating the effects of a 12-week community-based ‘beginners’ physical activity programme, ‘Men on the Move’, targeted at men who did not meet physical activity guidelines and were likely to be ‘at-risk’ of cardiovascular disease. 927 males were recruited across 8 counties by Local Sports Partnerships. ‘Men on the Move’ is highly innovative in its gender-sensitive approach to a critical public health issue and its potential to inform evidence-based and sustainable practice in targeting increased PA among an ‘at risk’ population group. Over the course of his PhD, Liam has presented at numerous national and international conferences. A highlight winning early careers researcher at HEPA Europe conference in Zagreb in 2017. Contacts he made at that conference contributed to an international meeting hosted in November 2019 in Ireland with those interested in learning from the Irish ‘Men on the Move’ experience. ‘Men on the Move’ was the first step to establishing a nationwide PA programme that specifically targets inactive men in Ireland, with results from his research instrumental in the decision to inform the national rollout of the programme.

Selected Publications:

  1. Kelly L., Harrison M., Richardson N., Carroll P., Robertson S., Keohane A., and Donohoe A. (2018). Reaching beyond the ‘worried well’: Pre-adoption characteristics of participants in ‘Men on the Move’, a community-based physical activity programme. Journal of Public Health.
  2. Kelly L., Harrison M., Richardson N., Carroll P., Robertson S., Keohane A., and Donohoe A. (2019). The impact of a gender-specific physical activity intervention on the fitness and fatness profile of men in Ireland. European Journal of Public Health.

(Named Author)
  1. Carroll P., Harrison M., Richardson N., Robertson S., Keohane A., Kelly L., and Donohoe A. (2018) Evaluation of a Gender-Sensitive Physical Activity Programme for Inactive Men in Ireland: Protocol Paper for a Pragmatic Controlled Trial. Journal of Physical Activity Research, 2018, Vol. 3, No. 1, 20-27
  2. Robertson S., Carroll P., Donohoe A., Richardson N., Keohane A., Kelly L., and Harrison M. (2018) ‘The environment was like they were in the pub but with no alcohol’ - A process evaluation of engagement and sustainability in Men on the Move an Irish community-based physical activity intervention. International Journal of Men’s Social and Community Health, Vol 1(1):e1-e14.
  3. Evaluation Report: Carroll P., Richardson N., Harrison M., Robertson S., Keohane A., Kelly L., Donohoe A. (2018). Men on the Move: A Community Based Physical Activity Programme for Adult Men in Ireland. Evaluation Report. Dublin: Health Service Executive. ISBN No: 978-1-78602-091-8