Conor Raleigh

Qualifications: MSc. Exercise Physiology at Loughborough University, UK, 2018; B.A (Mod). Physiology at Trinity College Dublin, 2016

Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences
Faculty of Education and Health Sciences
University of Limerick




Postgraduate Researcher

Teaching and Research Interests:

Research Interests
PhD Title: The impact of low carbohydrate diets on bone health and (re)modelling in elite endurance athletes
Supervisors: Dr. Brian Carson (UL), Dr. Catherine Norton (UL), Dr. Sharon Madigan (Sport Ireland Institute) and Prof. Craig Sale (Nottingham Trent University).
Funding: Irish Research Council Enterprise Partnership Scheme with Sport Ireland Institute as the Enterprise Partner

Personal Profile:

Sporting Interest: Triathlon and Golf

Selected Publications:

  • Mc Grath E, Mahony N, Fleming N, Raleigh C & Donne B (2021). Do Critical and Functional Threshold Powers Equate in Highly- Trained Athletes? International Journal of Exercise Science 14, 45–59.
  • Raleigh C, Donne B & Fleming N (2018). Association Between Different Non-Invasively Derived Thresholds with Lactate Threshold during Graded Incremental Exercise. International Journal of Exercise Science 11, 391–403.