Caoimhe Tiernan

Qualifications: MSc Sport Performance (University of Limerick), 2012; BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Performance (University of Wales Institute Cardiff, UWIC), 2011
Twitter: @caoimhetiernan


Postgraduate Researcher

Teaching and Research Interests:

Research Interests: My research interests are of fatigue, recovery in high performance sport to optimising training and reducing risk of injury and illness. This is across all sports, currently working with Rugby Union and previously, soccer players, triathletes and swimmers. All testing is as practically applied as possible; being taken within real life setting of the sport. 

PhD: 'Seasonal evaluation of novel monitoring tools to prevent injury and enhance the health, well-being and improve performance of Professional Rugby Union players.' The study aims to investigate seasonal variations (longitudinally) and validate the most sensitive psychological and physiological (non-invasive and invasive) monitoring tools for recovery and readiness to train in professional Rugby Union players. While evaluating the most practical recovery monitoring tools or combination of monitoring tools for professional teams. This is a novel study to enhance players’ health, well-being and optimise performance through reduction of injuries, illness and days missed training.  The data collected will provide accurate information to players, coaching and support staff on player training load, recovery and readiness to train, which will be implemented in an applied setting. 
PhD Supervisors: Dr. Giles Warrington and Dr. Mark Lyons

Funding: PESS Scholarship


Selected Publications:

Tiernan, C., Lyons, M., Comyns, T, and Warrington., G. (2019). The relationship between adductor squeeze strength, subjective markers of recovery and training load, in elite Rugby players. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.
Tiernan, C., Lyons, M., Comyns, T., Nevill, A.M. and Warrington, G., 2019. Investigation of the Relationship Between Salivary Cortisol, Training Load and Subjective Markers of Recovery in Elite Rugby Union Players. International journal of sports physiology and performance, 1(aop), pp.1-24.
Tiernan, C., Lyons, M., Comyns, T., Nevill, A. and Warrington, G. (2019). Salivary IgA as a predictor of upper respiratory tract infections and relationship to training load in elite Rugby union players. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.