UL Lead CSSPA 17-18


This multi-centre study, led by the University of Limerick, will bring together Ireland’s best expertise from the respective fields of physical activity, physical education, sport and coaching studies, epidemiology, public health and statistics. It will replicate and improve on CSPPA09-10, and use the experience of academics within the University of Limerick, University College Cork, Dublin City University and Ulster University to conduct CSPPA17-18. Of great importance is the involvement of Ulster University, as an all-island approach to children and physical activity can now be achieved. The purpose of CSPPA17-18 is to provide research that will:

  • Comprehensively assess the participation levels of Irish children in sport, physical education and physical activity using both subjective and objective modalities;
  • Determine the factors that enhance or inhibit this involvement,
  • Demonstrate the health benefits of participation in regular health-enhancing physical activity for Irish children and youth and
  • Provide a direct comparison between CSPPA09-10 and CSPPA17-18.

Data collection started on 20th February 2018 and will run until the end of May.

Funding Information

Funding Agency: Sport Ireland and Healthy Ireland
Duration: October 2017-October 2018
Award: €288,613

UL Academic Teams
Prof. Catherine Woods (PI and UL lead), Prof. Alan Donnelly, Prof. Ann MacPhail, Dr. Ciaran MacDonncha, Dr. Cormac Powell (Research Manager) and Dr. Matthew Herring

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