Script Viewing Days


Examination scripts for Authum 2019 exams may be viewed on the afternoon of Tuesday 28th January.

If you wish to view your examination script(s) please e-mail for a script viewing form.

Script viewing applications must be submitted by 5pm on Monday the 27th.

General Information
Students must produce a current ID card to view script.
Scripts cannot be removed from the viewing room.
Scripts cannot be photocopied.
Scripts are not to be interfered with in any way.
No writing implements will be allowed into the viewing room.
Students will not be allowed make notes.
Students will be allowed 10 minutes to view a script.
To avoid overcrowding in the viewing rooms a certain number of students will be allowed access at a given time, this may necessitate students queuing outside the viewing rooms.
Failure to comply with the above may result in disciplinary action being taken.