David Hare

Sport and Exercise Science UL September 2006, 2:1
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 2007
Irish Amateur Weightlifting Association - Level One Weightlifting certificate 2010
Sports Massage Diploma- Portobello Institute – 2012
Current Position
"Owner and head Strength and Conditioning coach at Functional Training Ireland (Longford Town and in Dublin City Centre). I am also the Strength and Conditioning coach for the Longford minors, Under 21’s, Senior and Ladies football teams for the 2012-2013 season."

Career Path
"I was actively working as a S&C coach before I even graduated from UL at a local rugby club and at the same time I was working in a performance centre in Dublin city centre as a strength and conditioning coach, some of the athletes I worked with straight out of college were Olympic Sailors and Professional athletes as well as a host of personal training clients.
I then got a job as the Strength and Conditioning coach for Ballymun Kickhams GAA club, and after two years set up my own gym, Functional Training Ireland. The company has moved premises three times and now we are based in Upper Fitzwilliam Street, some of our clients include intercounty footballers and Paralympic cyclists. In 2010 I began working with the Longford footballers and in 2012 I opened my second gym based in Longford Town.
My role now is three fold, I’m a coach, a business man and researcher."

Why Choose Sports Science
"Very simply I was obsessed with all aspects of fitness training and human performance, as a kid I used to buy fitness mags and practice the routines, as a rugby player I was always interested in more than just the lineouts and scrums and really wanted to know “how to get fit”. Science in general also is a passion of mine too so the course provided a perfect outlet to study a passion of mine."

COOP Placement
"I did my coop in a Strength and Conditioning/Physiotherapy centre in Malahide. Some of the clients included members of the Irish rugby team and Clontarf Rugby club. I also assisted Clontarf in their pre-season training. I actually did my work experience as an intern, with no pay, back then I had to convince the college to let me do it. I was lucky I got a fabulous education and because I was an intern there was no pressure on me."

What advice would you give to school goers considering choosing Sport and Exercise Sciences?
"I would say only do Sports and Exercise Science if you are passionate about the field. Visit as many ex graduates of Sport Science as possible and chat to them. Do your homework first and don’t be obsessed with what jobs you can get, do what you are passionate about first, the jobs will come later."

What advice would you give to future graduates of Sport and Exercise Sciences?
"Don’t wait until you are finished your degree to network, research and generally hound people for work or experience, do it now! The most successful people in my year would always be in the PESS lab mailing people, calling people and generally networking. If you are doing further studies it’s still the same.
If you do send an email to someone format it correctly, be respectful and call the office, beg for a meeting, you can’t beat face to face meetings. We get a lot of these emails just sent to us with no follow up, get calling people.
I would also say actively seek some internships, mentorships or work whilst still in college, you have the time if you are organised. If you do this you will leave college full of confidence and already on the ladder."