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PhD Scholarship and EU Fee Waiver Competition

PhD Scholarship and EU Fee Waiver Competition

PhD Scholarship and EU Fee Waiver Competition

March 2015


1. Introduction: The Faculty of Education and Health Sciences (EHS) invites applications for scholarships and fee Waivers in relation to doctoral studies through the EHS SPhD programme. Available are:

  • The Dean's scholarship*

  • The SPhD scholarship*

  • 6 Departmental Fees scholarships (one from each department in the faculty)

  • 4 fee waiver scholarships

*These scholarships include an annual stipend of €10k plus fees.

Awards will be made on a competitive basis by the EHS Research Committee in support of new doctoral students who have no significant source of funding for fees. Note that departmental fees scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis but allocated across the six departments.

2. Eligibility:

In order to be eligible for the EHS scholarship or fee waiver, you should fulfill all following criteria:

  • Not yet registered for PhD

  • Not planning to register for SPhD by transfer from MRes

  • Be planning to register full time on the EHS SPhD programme

  • No source of external funding for fees

EHS scholarships and fee waivers are allocated on an annual basis, for one academic year, and will be renewed for up to three years, subject to satisfactory academic progress being reported. In addition to satisfactory academic progress, students are required to attempt to secure other external sources of funding. Applications for postgraduate funding should be made to the Irish Research Council in the first instance but may be made to other funding bodies also. It should also be noted that EU fee waivers do not cover continuance fees and students are liable for these fees

3. Fee Waiver Application process: The application process is based on the requirements of the annual Irish Research Council (IRC) postgraduate competition. We fully expect that all applicants to the EHS competition will also apply to the IRC competition. In order to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and to facilitate and support the IRC application process for all students, the EHS competition will involve completing a truncated version of the IRC application form.

Interested applicants are invited to submit an application by comprising the following documents:

Please see Scholarships and Bursaries

  1. Completed truncated version of the IRC application form (attached here, Appendix 1)

  2. Description of fit with EHS priority areas (max 1 A4 page font 12, priority description attached here, Appendix 2)

  3. Academic reference (this should not be provided by the potential supervisor, one reference will suffice for this application however two will be required for the IRC application)

  4. Needs statement - justify financial need (max 1 A4 pages, font size 12)

  5. Completed UL EU Fee Waiver Application form (must be signed by supervisor and student or application will not be considered)

4. Fee Waiver Selection process: In the first instance, applications will be assessed and scored by members of the EHS Research Committee under the selection criteria identified below. Further guidance is given in Appendix 4. After applications are scored, the research committee will meet and agree on a short list. The committee reserves the right to interview shortlisted applicants. Following this, the committee will discuss the applications, including the Needs Statement, and agree the award of Fee Waivers.

Evaluation Criteria


1) Quality of research project


2) Training and career development plan


3) Capability of the applicant


4) Fit with EHS Research Priorities


5. Fee Waiver Renewal: The reporting mechanism for renewal of a fee waiver requires (1) record of PGR9 form receipt by the Student Academic Administration office (SAA). In addition, (2) the student must provide evidence of attempting to secure other sources of funding. Documentary evidence confirming satisfactory academic progress and detailing efforts to gain alternative funding must be received by the ADR before the anniversary of the award start date, so that renewal of the fee waiver can be considered.

Please see link for further details Scholarships and Bursaries