Developing self as a healthcare practitioner Summer Camp 2018 is now over for another year. 11 Students joined us

for our 3rd summer school from across the US from a variety of disciplines.

The school interweaves a Celtic spiritual dimension to healthcare exploring the psychosocial, cultural and spiritual elements

in developing personal and professional practice.It helps develop emotional intelligence and offers a foundation towards transforming self and caring practice. 

The site visit to practice areas aims to inform understanding of the potential application of this approach in developing self and practice.

Students engage in interactive workshops exploring values, caring for self person-centred practices, complementary therapies, mindfulness and hand massage.

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The Developing self as a healthcare practitioner Summer Camp will run again at the end of May 2019 for 3 weeks.

You can find more information on our Study Abroad pages, or contact

Dr Margaret Graham

Department of Nursing and Midwifery

University of Limerick