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Women and Child Health

Women and Child Health

  1. A phenomenological study of ‘Older Women’s Experiences of Ageing and Health Related Issues in Ireland’ Contact Dympna Tuohy
  2. A Cochrane systematic review collaborating with academics and practitioners in the UK. The review is looking at: Drugs for epidural anaesthesia: High dose versus low dose opioid epidural regimens for pain relief in labour. Completion date march 2017. Contact Prof Fiona Murphy
  3. An exploration of health care professionals’ experiences of participating in and leading a quality improvement collaborative in clinical practice in the Mid West Region of the Republic of Ireland. Contact Prof Fiona Murphy and/or Maebh Barry and/or Brid O’ Brien
  4. NMPDU funded project to identify research questions to identify local interventions in the Mid-West region to support breastfeeding initiation and duration. Inter-disciplinary collaboration with members of the research sub-group HSE Mid- West Regional Breastfeeding Group. Contact Prof Fiona Murphy and/or Maria Noonan
  5. An exploration of midwives and public health nurses’ knowledge, attitudes and confidence in the provision of perinatal mental healthcare. Contact Maria Noonan
  6. Exploring the nature and impact of concealed pregnancy in contemporary Ireland using grounded theory to assist understanding of the process. This study has been funded via a HRB fellowship and dissemination of the findings is in progress.  Contact Sylvia Murphy Tighe
  7. A qualitative exploration of how midwives' and obstetrician’s perception of risk affects care practices for low-risk women and normal birth Contact Sandra Healy PhD Candidate
  8. A multifaceted exploration of experiences of supporting, supervising and assessing midwifery students in clinical practice, perspectives of students, midwifery lecturers and midwifery preceptors. Contact Carmel Bradshaw
  9. Use of a novel teaching aid for infant CPR skills acquisition in antenatal education supported by on line education, a pilot study. EHS seed funding awarded Contact Maebh Barry, Mark Dixon Paramedic Studies GEMS and Niamh Cummins PHEC
  10. An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the Lived Experience of Women with Obesity (BMI ≥30kg/m²) of Maternity Care. Contact Sandra Atkinson

Group Members

  1. Carmel Bradshaw (Chair),, (Midwifery competencies, Antenatal care)
  2. Sandra Atkinson, (Healthy weight management, Postnatal issues )
  3. Maebh Barry,, (Antenatal  interventions to support the transition to parenthood)
  4. Sandra Healy, PhD Research student  (Risk perception)
  5. Sylvia Murphy Tighe,, (Concealed pregnancy, Antenatal  education ) HRB Fellowship
  6. Jan McCarthy,, (Neonatal and primary health Care)
  7. Professor Fiona Murphy,
  8. Maria Noonan,, (Perinatal  Mental Health, Midwifery education)

Publications of the Women and Child Health Group 2011-2016


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  • Midwifery Practice Development Co-Ordinator, HSE West
  • Director of Centre for Nurse & Midwifery Education
  • Advanced Midwife Practitioner, HSE South East
  • Service User


Chair: Carmel Bradshaw,
Department of Nursing & Midwifery,
University of Limerick