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The Department of Nursing and Midwifery conducts and supervises research within a wide range of areas and welcomes applications from researchers who wish to undertake a research degree leading to a master's by research or PhD award. Our research activity aims to develop practice focused research that enhances the health and social care of service users and the educational preparation of health care professionals.

Four Research Clusters

Four Research Clusters

Our work focuses around three main clusters and a research interest group.

These key areas are supported by a group of academic staff and research students with a shared research interest around each of the key themes. The research clusters have strong alliances, both within the University and with external health care and academic agencies, which enhances the research support structures available to all members of the cluster. The purpose of the themes is to develop expertise in specific areas of nursing and midwifery education and research

Women and Child Health


Palliative Care/Long Term Illness


Our aim is to strengthen and build research capacity within the area of women’s and child health and to enhance the health & wellbeing of women, children and their families through the conduct of ethical research

We will undertake research in partnership with key stakeholders which has a positive impact on women and children’s’ health and contribute to the knowledge development which informs practice

Our aim is to participate in interdisciplinary research which addresses the palliative care needs of people with chronic illness and end of life care needs. Our research will impact on policy and practice in order to enhance person centred and quality care.

Participate in interdisciplinary research that addresses the palliative care needs of people with chronic illness and undertake research related to end of life care, develop capacity and capability in palliative care research and adopt participatory approaches to palliative care research where appropriate.

More Information


More Information

Intellectual Disability and Mental Health


Professional Practice and Education
Special Research Interest Group


Our aim is to develop and conduct high quality research in the areas of intellectual disability and mental health.

Our objectives will be to conduct interagency/interdisciplinary research in person centered/recovery, social inclusion, health promotion and therapeutic interventions, to contribute to the development of knowledge which informs mental health and intellectual disability professional practice and to evaluate the impact of policy and legislation on mental health and intellectual disability services


Our aim is to explore research opportunities to enhance the quality of nursing and midwifery education for practice and to undertake research as appropriate.

Our objectives will be to explore the student learning experience, explore education opportunities to meet diverse needs and maximise student learning potential and to respond to and inform policy that guide nurse and midwifery education 

More Information


More Information

For Further Information

Fiona Murphy
Professor of Clinical Nursing
Room: HS3-038
Phone: 061-234224
Email: fiona.murphy@


Structured PhD

Structured Phd in Education and Health Sciences 

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) offers students an opportunity to undertake a focused and critical examination of a particular topic with the aim of contributing to the development of knowledge in that field. The PhD degree normally requires a registration period of not less than three years and not more than four years for full-time students. For part-time students, the period of registration is usually not more than six years. Each student is assigned to an academic supervisor and his/her research is overseen by a doctoral studies panel. Applications for entry to the programme are welcome from those in nursing or midwifery. If you are interested in pursuing a master's by research or PhD in nursing/midwifery at the University of Limerick, you should first identify a potential topic that you are interested in. You should then contact Professor Fiona Murphy in the Department of Nursing and Midwifery to discuss your research topic and receive further information on the application process.

Prior to applying, it is advisable to make informal contact with a potential supervisor with research interests most relevant to your area of interest. Please visit the Faculty and Staff page of our website and view our academic staff profiles, which include details of research interests.

How to Apply

Postgraduate Application Forms may be downloaded from: University of Limerick Graduate School
Completed Application Forms should be submitted online

Master's by Research MSc (Nursing)

Master's by Research MSc (Nursing)

The master's by research degree enables students to develop advanced skills in carrying out independent and sustained research. A master's by research demonstrates a critical application of specialist knowledge and makes a substantial contribution to existing scholarship in the area of research. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Candidates undertaking a master's by research degree are required to complete a thesis in a relevant research area. Master's by research degrees are normally completed over a period of two years. Supervision is provided by an academic staff member with research interests relevant to the candidate's thesis.


Structured PhD which will allow the student to complete a PhD within 4 years (full-time) EHS Structured PhD

MSc Nursing – please contact Professor Fiona Murphy,

Full contact details:

Professor Fiona Murphy,
Professor of Clinical Nursing
Department of Nursing and Midwifery
Health Sciences Building
University of Limerick
Telephone +353 61 234224



Project title




Funded amount






Identifying research questions to identify  local  interventions in the Mid-West region to support breastfeeding initiation and duration



Una Dee, Margaret Hynes, Maria O’Dwyer, Sinéad O’Doherty, Audrey Lyons, Deidre Monroe, Prof Fiona Murphy, Maria Noonan, Janet Calvert




Nursing and Midwifery Practice Development Unit Mid-West Region


Sept 2016


Nursing & Midwifery Quality Care-Metrics Project (Older Person and Intellectual Disability Services)


Prof Fiona Murphy, Dr Owen Doody, Rosemary Lyons




Health Service Executive




An exploration of health care professionals ‘experiences of participating in and leading a quality improvement collaborative in clinical practice


Prof Fiona Murphy, Dr Brid O’Brien, Maebh Barry




Health Service Executive




Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) Consultation and Analysis for Guidance


Dr Pauline O’Reilly








 Hand hygiene: exploring professional practice through a comparative study of awareness and attitudes among healthcare students.


Liz Kingston






Infection Prevention Society Novice Investigator Grant 2015




Involving health care users in their health care decisions: exploring the impact of decision aid knowledge for a specified intervention on the health decisions in the ageing population

Dr Duygu Seizgin is working on the Quality Care Nursing Metrics project with professor Fiona Murphy, Dr Owen Doody and Ms Rosemary Lyons November 2016-2017