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Intellectual Disability & Mental Health Research Groups

Intellectual Disability & Mental Health Research Groups


The aim is to develop and conduct high quality research in the areas of intellectual disability and mental health.


  • Conduct interagency/interdisciplinary research in person centered/recovery, social inclusion, health promotion and therapeutic interventions.
  • Contribute to the development of knowledge which informs mental health and intellectual disability professional practice.
  • Evaluate the role of policy and legislation on mental health and intellectual disability services.


  • Core Themes

Group Members

  1. Mary Pat Butler, Research interests: psychosocial interventions and recovery
  2. Dr Eileen Carey,  Research interests: inclusive research and choice
  3. Dr Christine Deasy, Research interests: mental health and health promotion
  4. Dr Owen Doody, Research interests: specialist practice and community living
  5. Therese Hennessy, Research interests: support groups and dual diagnosis
  6. Rosemary Lyons, Research interests: communication and person centered care
  7. Maureen O'Connor, Research interests: ageing and intellectual disability
  8. Ruth Ryan, Research interests: complex needs, health across the lifespan

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For further Information

Chair: Dr Owen Doody
Department of Nursing & Midwifery
University of Limerick
Tel.+353-61-213367 +353-61-202422