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Engaged Learning

Engaged Learning


OD.pngDr. Owen Doody

Our overall goal is to provide students with a student-centred, relevant, responsive and innovative learning experience. A key purpose of this strategy is to build on UL’s dynamically delivered undergraduate and postgraduate curricula, which are designed to realise the university’s vision of producing graduates who are ‘knowledgeable, proactive, creative, responsible, collaborative and articulate’. We will achieve this by continuing to engage with our partners in healthcare and through our commitment to developing structures to maximise our students’ learning as they prepare to fulfil the role of a registered nurse or midwife. We welcome the opportunity to develop a broader international focus, which will bring benefits to the learning experience of our students.

Our goal with respect to engaged learning is to provide students with a student-centred, relevant, responsive and innovative learning experience through:

  • Building a culture of support and respect for students.
  • The design and implement dynamically delivered curricula to meet the educational healthcare needs of the region.
  • Valuing and responding to the student voice.
  • Broadening our connection and engagement with community and increase our contribution to campus and community health and wellbeing.
  • Actively engaging and invest in creative advanced learning technologies.
  • Increase internationalisation within the department.
  • Support equality and reprentation through Athena SWAN principles - click on link here


Further Information:

Dr. Owen Doody,

Senior Lecturer, 

Department of Nursing & Midwifery

Faculty of Education and Health Sciences  /U niversity of Limerick  / Office HS3-015  / V94X5K                                                                                                         

Phone: + 353 61 213367  / Email:    / My LinkedIn:

Welcome to the student section of the Department of Nursing and Midwifery Engaged Learning. The Department values students and their learning is of paramount importance. Through fostering a learning and engagement the Department and its staff facilitate each student to achieve their full potential. The relationship between students and staff is a particular strength of the Department and this is supported through staff and students working together in classes, tutorials and clinical skills labs.

Engaged Learning @ UL | UL Engage

This page provides some helpful resources for students with the Department, and we invite you to engage in dialogue with us to ensure we can support you during your time here with us. Firstly, as you start on your journey check out some key services and supports. Watch out for supports from the Department such as an Introduction module which will be available on Moodle.

Starting out – some useful student links:















First 7 weeks



First 7 weeks



First year support Co-Ordinator





First year support coordinator



Library Information






Technology Division





Information Technology Division



Student Password Reset




Student password reset



Student engagement and success unit




Student engagement and success unit

Now as you get past the introduction, become familiar with additional supports and resources. All items here on this webpage may be relevant at different times for you on your journey but its important that you become familiar, stay engaged and know which resource/support you require. Throughout your time on your programme, you will have an academic advisor and there will be an Advisor module on Moodle for you staring in semester one year one.

Getting Started with Online Learning for Students: - In the current context of the coronavirus, online learning has suddenly become an effective viable option!

Helpful guidelines and advice produced from the Allaboard HE project - This practical resource looks at the tools you will need and offers some advice and support.

Learning, Engaging and Resources


Ready to plan your education


How to Plan Your Child With Better Education - The Island Now



Student success in online learning and assessment


Student Success in Online Learning and Assessment | UL - University of  Limerick




Supporting Learning UL Library





Learning Centres in UL


The Role of the Centre for Teaching & Learning in Supporting Faculty in  Enhancing Teaching Practices Dr Mary Fitzpatrick Teaching and Learning  Advocate. - ppt download



Learning Centres in UL

Mathematic Learning 


Science Learning


Regional Writing 

Located in A2-018A


Located in BO-021A


Located in C1-065


Science Learning Centre


Regional Writing Centre 

Academic Advising (PASS)



Student health and wellness



Athena Swan - Equality Diversity and Inclusion

Equality Diversity & Inclusion AHSS on Twitter: "Reception hosted today by  @ULPresident to celebrate the work of @Athena_SWAN SAT Committees. @UL now  has the highest number (8) of Athena SWAN Dept/School/Faculty Bronze



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