Dr Mark Dalton, Research Fellow, Stokes Institute collaborating with GenCell Biosystems Ltd.

Building an Innovation Ecosystem - Genetic Testing Technology

Thursday, 6th February 2014

UL research fellow, Dr Mark Dalton has collaborated with high-potential Irish start-up company, GenCell Biosystems to develop next generation genetic analysis technology. This research partnership helps to deliver technological edge to enable Irish industry compete on a global scale. The Limerick-based GenCell recently announced a major with Brazilian partners to develop new clinical screening systems to address that country's healthcare needs.

Genetic testing technology is used in a wide range of industries including; drug discovery, agricultural biotechnology, medical genomics and molecular diagnostics. The global DNA diagnostics industry is estimated to be worth US$10 billion*.

Dr Dalton explains; “Temperature control is a critical component in establishing the necessary conditions for performing genetic analysis. By partnering with Stokes Institute, GenCell have developed a technology which will deliver highly accurate temperature control resulting in faster and more cost effective genetic analysis for the global market. GenCell is focused on building a successful Irish biotech company and collaboration with the Stokes Institute definitely delivers a technological edge to help compete better internationally.”

The collaboration, which focuses on GenCell’s unique Composite Liquid Cell (CLC) technology, is supported through Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Partnership Scheme. Limerick based company, GenCell currently employs 35 highly skilled engineers and scientists.

The University of Limerick excels in translational research – focused on delivering real impact for Irish industry.  86% of our recent PhD graduates are employed, with the majority working in Ireland and helping to build our world-leading innovation ecosystem. www.ul.ie/research

*DNA Diagnostics US$10bn (BCC research 2008 figures)

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