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Dr Evelyn
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Senior Lecturer in Medical Assessment

Dr Murphy is a UCC Biochemistry graduate who completed her doctoral training in Cell Biology at NUI Galway (1993). Following a postdoctoral fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, she returned to Ireland as a Newman Scholar in Rheumatology and established her research group at the UCD Education Research Centre (ERC) in St Vincent’s University Hospital. In 2002 she was appointed Lecturer in biochemistry and physiology in the UCD Veterinary Medical School and promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2006 and Associate Professor in 2014. Evelyn was involved in the teaching and assessment of graduate entry Veterinary Medicine programme established at UCD in 2008 and served as Section Head of Veterinary Biosciences from 2011-2014. Evelyn’s research group has focused on elucidating the role of orphan nuclear receptors in human inflammatory diseases, particularly arthritis and psoriasis. 

Academic Qualifications: 

BSc, PhD

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Teaching Experience

Evelyn considers teaching at undergraduate and graduate level to be a fundamentally important and rewarding part of her work as an academic. She is committed to the concept of evidence-based and research-led teaching which she strives to incorporate into her teaching to promote scaffolded active learning.  She uses annual student feedback and overall class performances in assessments/examinations to continuously modify and improve her approach and style of teaching.  Allied to this, she utilises a range of assessment techniques to encourage the best performance from students and assist them in achieving their learning outcomes. Dr Murphy was involved in the establishment and development of the UCD Graduate Entry Veterinary Medicine degree programme and subsequent accreditation by the Veterinary Council of Ireland, the European Association for Veterinary Education and the American Veterinary Medical Association. 

Research Interests: 

Over the last 20 years, Dr Murphy’s research group has been elucidating the transcriptional role of orphan nuclear receptors in acute and chronic inflammatory diseases. This research area is highly translational and using strategic collaborations with clinicians and global research leaders, she aims to ensure this basic research area is firmly grounded in clinical relevance.  She is a member of the European EULAR Centre of Excellence, Dublin Centre for Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases. Her research has been supported with research grant income from the Health Research Board and Science Foundation Ireland including a Principal Investigator award in 2010. She has a track record in securing extramural support for her research and has been awarded approx. €2.8m in research grant support (€2.20m as principal investigator).  

Publication Record: 

Publications in refereed journals

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Published and Licensed Patent

“Therapeutic approaches to disease by modulation of the NR4A/NURR subfamily of nuclear transcription factors”.  Inventors: Evelyn P. Murphy, Orla M. Conneely, Oliver FitzGerald and Barry Bresnihan.  Publication no: US 2002/0049151A1. 


Research/Fellowship Awards: 

1997: Newman Fellowship in Rheumatology

2001: European Young Investigator (EULAR) Award in Rheumatology for Original Research Project. 

2001 and 2004: Royal Academy Medicine (RAMI) Award Rheumatology for Original Research Publication. 

2003: Presidents Research Award (UCD). 

Higher Degree Supervision: 

PhD students and their current positions 

2011-2015 Aisling Smyth, PhD student. Lecturer, Edith Cowan University. Perth. Australia. 

2010-2015 Alyssa Gilmore, PhD student. Postdoctoral Fellow, Imperial College London.  2007-2011 Viviana Marzaioli, PhD student. Newman Fellow, TCD, Dublin. 

2005-2009 Davide Zocco, PhD student. Head of Operations, Exosomic, Italy. 

2003-2007 Carol Aherne, PhD student. Instructor. School of Medicine, Colorado. USA. 

2005-2010 Martina Gogarty, PhD co-supervisor. SFI Fellow. Science Foundation Ireland.

2001-2005 Jennifer Ralph, PhD student. Medical Affairs Manager (Rheumatology), Roche.

1998-2002 Alice McEvoy, PhD student. Lecturer, Technical University Ireland. Dublin.

1997-2001 Rosemary O’Hara. PhD co-supervisor, Lecturer, Carlow Institute Technology.