School of Medicine Postgraduate Research Graduations – August 2022

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Three School of Medicine postgraduate research students graduated at the August 2022 conferring ceremonies.

 Dr Patrick O’Donnell received his PhD and his thesis was entitled “Measuring and operationalising social exclusion in the context of primary healthcare in Ireland”. Patrick was supervised by Dr Khalifa Elmusharaf and Prof Diarmuid O’Donovan.

Dr Andrew O’Regan also received his PhD and his thesis was “Improving Physical Activity for Health among inactive Adults aged 50 years and Older: Development, Design and Delivery of a Community-Based Intervention”. She was supervised by Prof Liam Glynn & Prof Catherine Woods.

Tee Teoh also graduated with an MD award. His supervisory team was Prof Colum Dunne & Prof Nuala O’Connell. The title of his dissertation was “The Role and Impact of Molecular Diagnostics in Modern Clinical Microbiology”

Interdisciplinary student Dr Kevin O’Sullivan was also awarded his PhD with his supervisors being Prof Leonard O’Sullivan and Prof Colum Dunne. His thesis was “Development of a Novel Disposable Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Device”. 

Congratulations to all four and their supervisors.