BMBS Graduation April 2020

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Our BMBS Class of 2020 received their results on the 29th April today. This was followed by an email from the President of the University and a video (link here). 

For these students today, this is the culmination of 4 years of hard work, determination and resilience. They students have not only navigated a very demanding course but are graduating and joining their profession at a time when their colleagues, their country and the world is facing one of its most significant health challenges.
While we could not celebrate with our students in person we do hope that once the global COVID19 crisis has abated that we will have the opportunity to give them the recognition they deserve in a more personal capacity.
Listed below this announcement the academic prize winners for the Class of 2020. 
First Prize for Overall Performance in the Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery Degree Programme
Dr Natalie Coyle
First Prize in the Discipline of Medicine *
Dr Megan Crosby
First Prize in the Discipline of Surgery *
Dr Natalie Coyle
First Prize in Professional Competencies *
Dr Oisín O’Donnell
First Prize in the Discipline of Paediatrics
Dr Natalie Coyle
First Prize in the Discipline of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr Natalie Coyle
First Prize in the Discipline of Psychiatry
Dr Philip Nolan

First Prize in the Discipline of General Practice/Primary Care
Dr Róisín Gryson
Niall O’Higgins Medal
Dr Michael Popoola
The UL Hospital Group is partnered academically with the University of Limerick and works closely with GEMS to provide undergraduate and postgraduate education and training across several campuses and in several disciplines. The Niall O Higgins Medal was established in Professor O'Higgins honour and symbolizes the increasing bonds between our UL Hospital Group and the University of Limerick. The prize is awarded for the best performance in the Medicine and Surgical final clinical exams.
Reuben Harvey Prize
Dr Natalie Coyle
This prize is awarded in the autumn after graduation by the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland to the students in each of the medical schools in the Republic of Ireland who achieve the highest marks in their class for final year examinations in Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics.
*Year 3 & 4 results combined